About Wendy’s Wish Inc.

Wendy's Wish Inc. was created because I was extremely sick and now I'm not. I feel compelled to pay it forward. I had chronic lymphocytic leukemia, it rather quickly went through Richter's Transformation.  I went through extensive treatment including chemotherapy, monoclonal antibodies, total body radiation, and finally a bone marrow transplant. I am currently in remission. I was very blessed to have the support of family, friends, and an amazing treatment team. I was frightened and frustrated by the lack of information and the grim prognosis of what I did find. other than my doctors, no one I knew had ever heard of Richters Transformation.  My wish is to create awareness of Richter's Transformation, to offer peer support,  to provide accurate information about this disease, to offer financial assistance to patients diagnosed with Richters Transformation, to raise funding for research, and most importantly to inspire hope.

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Meet our board

Wendy's Wish Inc. collaborates with great people who do great things. Get to know the people who care.

  • Ashley Nicoletti

    Extremely passionate about non-profit work, helping many start-ups throughout her legal career. Ashley's previous positions in both business and law focused on collaborative solutions and corporate strategies with social responsibility.
  • Kim Hieber Hanshaw

    Kim Hieber Hanshaw is a Breast Cancer survivor who has volunteered at a Hospice Facility since 1998. She is currently a Member & Officer of Order of the Eastern Star since 1994. Kim has been an active fundraiser for many cancer events many, many years.
  • Diashea Foster, RN

    Diashea Foster, RN is currently working as an infusion nurse for Alliance Cancer Specialists in Philadelphia, PA. She has several years of experience working with oncology patients and their families. Diashea users her strong combination of nursing skills and relationship building to provide the best care possible to patients.
  • Aimee Bergey

    Aimee Bergey is a graduate of Kingston University, London, who received her MSc in Organizational/Business Psychology. Aimee is currently employed as an HR and recruitment team member at ABC Nanny Source. Aimee feels strongly about making a difference any way she can.

about richter's transformation

One of the most serious complications of Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) is the progression or transformation to a more aggressive form of non-hodgkin's lymphoma known as diffuse large b-cell lymphoma, also called Richter's Syndrome/Transformation. This type of transformation is rare and the prognosis can have a difficult outcome. CLL occurs primarily in middle-aged and elderly adults, with increasing frequency in successive decades of life. For patients with progressing CLL, treatment with conventional doses of chemotherapy is not curable, but selected patients treated with allogeneic stem cell transplantation have gone on to a disease-free life.

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Learning From and About Cancer (Chronic LEUKEMIA Lymphocytic Leukemia or CLL) by Dr. Brian Koffman